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So it's been a good while since i've posted anything here. Lol. My bad. Haha
There's nothing really new in my life so i guess that's why i haven't been here lately. But really, i have been happy, which is a nice, and very different for me.
In other news...
Life is so fucked up.

Where Did I Go Wrong?

...I seem to fuck up a lot of things, this i know. Like, i've always known, but like, now i'm starting to think that i...Well, that i just keep fucking everything up. Like right now. I'm trying so hard to keep everything together and i just can't. I was so happy earlier, but now...God, i don't know what i feel. My gut's like twisting and i'm nervous and i'm shaking and the only one who can help me is off to B-More to kick some guy's ass for beating on his gf and her phone's dead and i can't talk to her and i need to talk to her so badly...I'm just going crazy here now. And i don't think she understands that.
My heart is like, so full right now, it's fit to burst and i don't know if i can take it anymore. And i don't know what to do anymore either...
Emo quote of the day: "I'm an unsocial butterfly."

Damn, Time Flies

Especially when you're going crazy. Haha.
So yeah, i haven't been around lately...I won't go into detail cuz the details suck. But yeah, all anyone needs to know is that i kinda freaked out and had a mental breakdown and yeah, it was bad...Haha.
Anyways, i want to apologize to some people - mainly you Megan and Matt. Cuz i had no idea this would happen. And i had no idea i would forget so much. I'm sorry. Really and truly.



Since i no longer have a muse (cuz she ran off with a muse that will remain unnamed *cough - sofia_lindsay's - cough*), i want to know if i can get a new one. Maybe i can fill out a form or something? Cuz really, i need a new one. 



I should be writing my English essay, but..............................
I really can't concentrate on it. Blame sofia_lindsay.
Really, thanks to her and her texts (not when i'm writing, i love those), but all the other ones, i get distracted very easily nowadays. So much so i can't even write a fic! Ugh. Seriously, i wanted to start Across the Country Part 3 this weekend, but no. Stupid game (GO GIANTS! Sorry baby.) and stupid life. 
And stupid boys. I wish they would leave me alone sometimes, but then i remember i can't live without them. *sigh* Oh well.

I'm Blah...

Another fic successfully posted by me. Yay.
I'm kinda hungry...I want a taco, but it's too cold out and i don't feel like going out for one. So i guess i have to settle for leftover Chinese food.
So like, idk what i'm doing with my life. Does anyone?

I Think I'm Happy

See the icon? I love the icon. Why? Cuz

sofia_lindsay made it and for that i love her.
I don't even care about school cuz that icon and this girl are great. Really.
So thanks so much sofia_lindsay.


I'm Not Ready

Dude, another fic successfully posted? GO ME!
School starts in one day. I haven't gotten my books, or anything collected up so no, father, i'm not ready for class on Tuesday. Argh...
Don't make me go back. Please, don't make me go back.



I kinda hate American Idol. I hate that i love watching it. But i really can't help it, especially the audtitions, you know? Some people are just hilarious! You'd think after seven seasons people would learn that either 'no, they suck' or 'wow, they're really good' or something, right? But no. 
I really wonder about some people in this world...


Eh, it's late, i've been watching too many Shiny Toy Guns videos and this is what my muse gives me:
Porn. Fucking porn. The start of it i mean.
Yeah, idk what i think of it yet.


Shiny Toy Guns
zombie_girl <3

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